The Fifth Generation

The Fifth Generation explores today’s online information and misinformation landscape through the 5G conspiracy theory.

Mirroring the rehash culture of conspiracy theories and the internet more broadly, the work combines appropriated online images, social media exchanges, official reports, and my own photography, weaving together various voices – some true and some not – to explore the disorienting world of abundant information and the increasingly ambiguous line between fact and fiction.

Part of our online misinformation landscape, conspiracy theories have today entered the mainstream. Known to thrive in times of uncertainty, their prevalence is a symbol of our so-called ‘post truth society’ characterised by a lack of agreement over the nature of truth. However, anxiety around 5G is not just a reflection of this information environment, but also the technology that underpins it. Described as one of the most important innovations of our time, 5G represents our fear, confusion and helplessness in the face of the unprecedented technological shifts in communication we’re living through.

Through techniques of photomontage, image-text and appropriated imagery, the work is designed to leave space for doubt and ambiguity, in order to invite the viewer to consider their own relationship with the information they consume.